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ACHA 2014 Promo Video

Here’s a promotion video for the upcoming ACHA 2014 season! -Steven

Rideau Ferry 2013 – Tunnels [Vintage]

Rideau Ferry 2013 – Tunnels [Vintage]

Vintage – Testing Jules Leboeuf

Exclusive vintage video from one of Jules Leboeuf’s testing session! Hope you guys like it! Merry christmas to everyone in advance! -Steven

Rideau Ferry 2013 – Hydros Vintage

Here’s the recap of the hydros on the saturday at Rideau Ferry. Lots of action and lots of beautiful boats! – Steven

Rideau Ferry 2013 – Miss Canada IV

Edited video of the Miss Canada IV at Rideau Ferry. Sorry for the poor quality of the slinging video, it was taken with my cell phone. -Steven