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ACHA Banquet

The first annual ACHA inboard hydroplane banquet was held on Saturday January 21st at the Hôtel Plaza Valleyfield in Valleyfield, Quebec. It was a fun evening to celebrate the 2011 hydroplane champions and look back on an exciting race season. If you would like to purchase a DVD copy of the event they are $20 and can be ordered by contacting Jean-Philippe Poulin at


Beauharnois Regatta DVD

The DVD of the Beauharnois Regatta is now available for purchase. The inboard hydroplane race held on September 10-11, 2011 is now on sale for $40 plus shipping and handling if necessary. This DVD contains all 39 heats in the following classes: Pro Stock, 1.5 Litre, 2.5L Stock, 5 Litre, Hydro350 and Grand Prix.

Blu-ray copies featuring full HD video can also be ordered at a rate of $60 plus shipping and handling if necessary.

Individual class DVDs are also available.

  • Hydro350 (1 disc): $15
  • Pro Stock & 5L together (1 disc): $15
  • 2.5L Stock (2 discs): $20
  • 1.5 Litre (1 disc): 15$

To order, email Jean-Philippe Poulin at

If you order now your video can be picked up at the ACHA convention this weekend.


Testing in Valleyfield on July 1st


Sunday Final of Jersey Speed Skiffs on Greenwood Lake


Beaunarnois 2010, Pro Stock final

This race is the end of our presentation of the 2010 race season. We hope you enjoyed it and you are always invited to send your comments.
The 2011 Canadian racing season begins this weekend (May 28-29) in Long Sault and we will be there for a better quality livestream of this season’s first event. 
Meet us on site or live on the web to watch the action and don’t forget to thank all our sponsors who gives us the oportunity to cover the races for you, boat racing fans.