The CT-15 is no more! Long live the CT-313!

Just before last year’s Valleyfield Regatta, Frederick Couturier took possession of the CT-15. He decided that the name and number of the boat would remain the same until the end of the season. This season, the CT-15 Trimax, will have a new look. Couturier’s team will be renamed the Hydroid and sport the new number CT-313. Why 313? Asked about it, Couturier’s girlfriend, Alexe Pilon gave the following explanation: ”Frederic has always loved the number 13. But as the 13 is already in use and he wanted to have a number never used by anybody, Frederic then chose the number 313.” As for the new colors of the CT-313, nothing is decided yet. Alexe Pilon is working on a design which she says has never been done before.

Preparations are well underway in the Hydroid camp. The bulk of the sanding is done. The underside of the boat is finished, and the primer was put on top. According to Pilon, the cowling is nearly complete: ”Our new cowling needs a little sanding and fiberglass, but it’s almost done!” It will be interesting to see what the new piece will look like on the boat. ”The cowling, we did it ourselves based on our old cowling, again, no one has seen a cowling like this!” said Pilon who plans to make her driving debut at the 74th Valleyfield Regatta in July.

According Alexe Pilon, the boat should be ready within a month. They will then proceed with work on the new boat and the trailer of Paul Barber who purchased the E-1 Peters and May from the Weber family.

The CT-313 Hydroid Team would like to thank the following sponsors and people: Alexe Airbrush, Spike, PPG Canada, Bellerive Soudure and Black Falcon Racing & Almost Famous racing teams (Dave Kidd et Paul Barber).

Hydroplane Quebec wishes good luck to the CT-313 Hydroid team in the new season.

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