Orange Cup Regatta in Lakeland Florida

We are pleased to announce that the Orange Cup Regatta will be live streamed on Hydroplane Quebec from Lakeland, Florida. We will be broadcasting live on Saturday and Sunday March 3rd and 4th. The scheduled race start time is 11am on Saturday and noon on Sunday. The race is on beautiful Lake Hollingsworth with a 1 mile course for inboards and 3/4 mile for tunnel boats. Enjoy this video from last year’s race:

Inboard classes on the schedule are 2.5 Liter Modified, 5 Liter Stock, 2.5 Liter Stock, 1 Liter Modified, Jersey Speed Skiff, K Racing Runabout, and Pro Stock. Outboards classes will be SST 120, SST 60, SST 45, FORMULA 150, Super Sport, Modified Unlimited (Mod U), and AXR. More information on the APBA website.

There is testing scheduled for Friday but Hydroplane Quebec will not be live streaming the test session.

  • boardwalkerjs542

    mike when is the live streaming happening

  • boardwalkerjs542

    when will coverage begin , mike ?

  • boardwalkerjs542

    mike has racing started still saying not on air here ??

  • Michael Pakradooni

    Racing started at 12 on Saturday. Sunday has been called because of wind.

  • Bert

    Live streaming technology needs improvement. Videos impossible to view due to interruptions. Very frustrating.

  • Michael Pakradooni

    Sorry you had issues, although it is hard to say what was the problem with this limited description. We provide the live stream free to all. While we work to improve this free service please remember that we are unpaid volunteers who have spent a lot of our own time and money on this project.

  • Murdock

    Many Kudos to the Pakradooni crowd for the great coverage of the big races. I can’t say enough about the extra effort they have put in to promoting boat racing.
    Many , many times in the past, I have had to take money away from my racing projects to go to the big races, and see what is going on. NOW, I get to watch the races , and work on my “Vintage” too.
    I remember the hydro coverage by ABC Sports [back in the ’60s], and the new technology [internet] is as good if not better. Certainly the announcers are better informed.