Cookbook to raise money to help Tim Hueston

(For those who haven’t seen this on the Inboard group)

Let’s all get together and raise money to help Tim Hueston!

I want to pass along an idea begun by Patti Hayes for a fundraiser for Tim Hueston.  The idea is a boat racer’s cookbook… and for this to be successful, it will require everyone’s participation.  Please pitch in to help Tim!

For those who may not know Tim Hueston, Tim is from the Detroit area and has been a member of APBA, Region 6 and the Marine Prop Riders for many years.  He has been involved in the Inboard, Unlimited and Vintage categories as an owner, driver and official.  Most of you probably know him as Sam’s side kick and one of the best darn Pit Manager’s we have ever had.  Right now he’s not launching race boats, he’s fighting cancer.  And without insurance it’s gonna be a tough fight for him to win.  That’s where we all come in.

1.  We need your favorite recipes.  We are looking for fun stuff… nothing too fancy because, after all, we are a bunch of boat racers – not Wolfgang Puck!  There will be several sections in the book including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Appetizers, Deserts and Drinks.  Plus a section (still untitled) on our favorite travel foods which can be snacks or easy meals for when you are on the road or at the races.  This can be alot of fun but we need YOUR help.  We must have a minimum of 145-150 recipes to make this work.  Patti has set up a special e-mail address for your recipes and book orders.

Send recipes and cookbook orders to:   

Please help us out and send in your recipes no later than May 12th (next Wednesday).

2.  We also need everyone’s help getting them distributed and sold.  The plan is to have them ready no later than Elizabeth City, which is only a month away.  We will be sending them to all areas of the U.S. and Canada where racers can help us, and help Tim!

3.  We don’t have the final cost yet, but are looking to sell them for $12 – $15.  If possible, we would like to see $10 / cookbook going to Tim.  Orders to be shipped will have an additional charge just to cover postage ($3.00?) And the initial print will likely be 500 copies.  Look for more information on that soon.  

It is important that we recognize and thank Jimmie Stewart (of the JS-721 racing team) for his help and incredible pricing for the printing of the cookbook.  Look for a spiral bound book that will look great and be a fun addition to your kitchen / motor home / tool box (?) for years to come.

So remember, Step #1 is free… and fun!  Please take a few minutes and send us your favorite recipes as soon as possible.  Those donating recipes will be recognized in the cookbook.  So be a part of something that will last for many years.  Remember, it can be meals, appetizers, deserts, drinks or snacks.  And most importantly, lets all pitch in to help Tim Hueston.

Thanks in advance for your help and generosity!

Mike Weber

Recipes and orders:

And if you have any questions:

Mike Weber
770-330-8559 (cell)

There are many of you out there who have businesses and would like to get that business advertised throughout the racing community and some of you who just like to advertise your race team!! We are including space in the cookbook to advertise your business or race team. For $50 we will include a business card that you supply. We will have a few pages dedicated for business cards and some may be placed throughout the cookbook. Along with the business card advertisement you will also receive a complimentary copy of the cookbook!!!

If you would like to participate in this and get your name out there please mail me a copy of your business card along with a check for $50, or if you have the ability to scan your business card please email it to me at timcookbook@ and mail me your check. I would rather not have to set up a checking account for this cookbook since it is going to be quick project and we have printing expenses (Jimmie Stewart has given us an awesome deal on printing and binding) so if you could make the check payable to Patti Hayes and write in the memo “cookbook” I would appreciate it. I will supply an accounting of all monies that are received and paid out to anyone who would like to see it. The address to mail business cards and payments to is:

Patti Hayes
5156 Glenwood Creek
Clarkston, Michigan 48348

I would need to have business cards no later than Monday, May 17th in order to get them into the file and get it to the printer.